So, you found our shiny new website.  And we're sure you're already busy using all its bells and whistles to custom-craft the perfect Great Lakes Bay getaway.  But the fun doesn't stop with cool things like the Pick Your Flavor tool... or the place on our homepage where you can tell us what you feel like discovering to get totally custom recommendations based on how you like to travel.


That's because the travel planning tips get even more personal... right here on the Go Great Blog.  Think of it like that friend that just went on an amazing vacation and couldn't help but brag and post 147 photos of every detail to Facebook.  The Go Great Blog is a place where people like you - people who love to travel (and even people who love to live in our region) - will share some of the biggest, best, and most off-the-wall ways to enjoy the Great Lakes Bay.

In this grab bag of travel planning greatness, you might find things you didn't even know you needed.   Like tips from our local anglers on the best way to catch that wall-worthy walleye.  Or what they really put in those Bavarian Inn Restaurant buttered noodles to make them so downright delicious.

So come along with us for the ride.  Follow our blog, get to know our local experts, hear real stories from real travelers just like you, and most of all, grab some unbeatable tips on exactly what it means to Go Great.