All we can say about ArtWave is to keep on keepin' on... because it's been epic so far! Barreling next through Go Great Lakes Bay by way of Bay County in September, look forward to the indie-explosion of Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival, the magical sorcery at Wizard Fest, wine walks, and artistic wonderment galore... 

ArtWave: Bay County is on its way to blow minds and leave artistic impressions all throughout September. Get in here, folks! Life is good while riding the #ArtWaveMI! 

Indie Spirit

 Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Fest 1

What the heck is Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival, September 22 - 25?

  • It's independent films and filmmakers, actors and bands from all over the country.
  • It's thousands of attendees, multiple venues hosting intimate art gatherings to all-out bashes, a smattering of Los Angeles vibe and New York style meets Downtown Bay City. 
  • Study up here at (worth a looksee), and consider attending yet another ArtWave Bay County offering, Second Saturday Series: The Real Hell's Half Mile at 1 p.m. on September 10, for inside information regarding the namesake.

Pay close attention to this last, two-for-one tip: Do take September 22 - 25 off from work, and don't miss Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival. 

Poof! Wizard Fest

Dubbed the "Harry Potter Fan Festival", mark September 10 on your calendar and prepare for an ArtWave Bay County magical day known as Wizard Fest!

  • Bring the family from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. for magician acts, entertainment, and mesmerizing activities.
  • Attend the Wizard's Ball from 7 - 11 p.m. to enjoy a live DJ within wicked-cool lighting.

Historical Pleasure

 River Of Time Encampment

Prepare for Veteran's Memorial Park in Bay City to become another entity September 23-25 during the River of Time Festival's Living History Encampment. Visitors can authentically step back in time (many times!) as costumed re-enactors bring to life history from Native America to World War II.

Suspension of Disbelief

Defined as "a willingness to believe the unbelievable ... for the sake of enjoyment", suspension of disbelief can be experienced while watching movies - specifically these movies, plays and shows during ArtWave Bay County!

Date Night at ArtWave Bay County

Truth is, you could enjoy an adventure together anytime in Bay City. The romantic, riverfront city is alive with restaurant options (think Fusion 1 Café for unforgettable sushi or the new Real Seafood Co. for date day on the Saginaw Bay), unique B&B's and hotels, and things-to-do galore!


But consider September 15 at The 2016 Downtown Bay City Wine Walk to be a special date, full of wine sampling, food, and music in the streets! Should you end the evening basking in each other's glow underneath Bay City's Third Street Star Bridge, you're welcome in advance for the ArtWave Bay County memories ... Swoon.

And don't forget... once you've picked your favorite ways to catch the ArtWave in Saginaw this October, call our toll-free ArtWave Hotel Package Hotline at 855-520-5291 to book the perfect place to stay at a special ArtWave-exclusive discounted hotel rate!


3rd Street Star Bridge