County Connection

  • 883 East Isabella Road
  • Midland, MI 48640
  • (989) 837-9540
  • (888) 303-7433

If you live outside of the City of Midland and are in need of a ride within Midland County, the County Connection is available.

County Connection is a demand/response transit system operated for and supervised by the County of Midland. Services are county-wide, and available to all residents of Midland County except those within the city of Midland, depending on destination. County Connection provides curb-to-curb transportation services for Midland County residents to and from work, school, medical appointments and shopping.

The County Connection bus schedule is as follows:

1) Office Hours:
Mon - Fri: 7:00am-5:00pm

2) Bus Service Hours:
Mon-Fri: 5:00a.m. - 11:00p.m.
Saturday: 5:30a.m. - 9:30a.m. & 2:30p.m. - 7:30p.m.

3) Fares:
-Regular one-way fare: $3.00
-Children under 12: $1.50
(must be accompanied by parent)
-Senior Rate (60+) and Persons with Disabilities: $2.50
(may require case worker verification)
-Off peak 6 -9 pm: $1.50
-ALL No-show charges: $3.00

Note: A no-show will be charged when a scheduled ride is not taken and not canceled at least one hour prior to pick-up. No-show charges will be paid with next ride fare. No exceptions.

How Do I Reserve a Ride?
1) Call before 5:00 pm at least one day prior to your pick-up.
2) Call before 5:00 pm on Friday for Saturday or Monday rides.
3) Set up both pick-up and return rides at the same time.
4) Set up "standing ride" so you can go to the same place at the same time each day
5) Pick-up times can be within 15 minutes before or after scheduled time.
6) Wait time is 3 minutes so be ready!

For more information on the County Connection (such as guidelines and policies) or to schedule a ride, please call the number listed above or visit our website.

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