Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens

  • 1809 Eastman Avenue
  • Midland, MI 48640
  • (800) 362-4874
  • Fax:(989) 631-0675

Longest in the nation, a 1,400-foot canopy walk overlooks 54 acres of forest, ponds, meadows, and an apple orchard. Two pedestrian bridges connect the campus including one that will usher visitors into the Exploration area of Dow Gardens.

Our new amenities enhance the way that guests connect with the natural world and with one another. Our visitors have the ability to experience a full spectrum of what a Public Garden experience can be. Guests move through formal garden landscapes to informal forest areas while investigating the 110–acre campus. The impact of the accessible forest experience allows everyone to journey thoughtfully into the woods with an added opportunity to rise four stories into the tree tops. It truly is an experience that offers a ‘perceived sense of danger’ with a glass-floored overlook, suspended cargo nets, and swaying hammock arm.

Whiting Forest actively engages guests with nature, individually and collectively, offering opportunities for new perspectives, creative outdoor play, learning, artistic expression and contemplative moments, reflecting the aesthetics and values of the Dow and Whiting Families.

Collectively, Dow Gardens encompasses 110 acres. Admission to Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens is included with the daily or annual fee and consists of:

Visitor Center: Thoughtfully-designed welcome desk, interactive exhibits, ADA-compliant family restrooms, and seating on the terrace with sweeping landscape views,

Canopy Walk: 1400-foot hard-surface pathway, the longest in the nation, ADA accessible,

Playground: Picnic tables, barrier-free entryways, opportunities to slide past an accessible water feature and climb into a miniature “pod” modeled after Queen Anne’s lace,

Whiting Forest Cafe: Access to Playground, deck seating, concessions available,

ADA Accessible: Pathways, bridges, and boardwalks, 1.5 miles total of eco-friendly porous pave Forest Trails,

1 mile of wood chip/mulch surface,

Heirloom Apple Orchard: 104 species of fruit trees, covering two acres,

Forest Classroom: An additional venue for scripted and unscripted experiences.

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