Linking The Trails

Nothing is better than a walk, bike ride, (or even winter snowshoe outing) along a scenic, natural trail.  Unless, of course, that trail is connected to miles upon miles of other trails, all ripe for the exploring.  That's why a huge part of our mission is not only to forge new paths, but to connect existing ones - bringing together the people and the places we love.

You can read below to learn more about our existing trails and our efforts to connect them, or read our entire Linking The Trails Plan here

Our Existing Trails:

Bay County

  • Bay County River Walk/RailTrail (17.5 miles through Bay City, Bangor Township, Bay City State Recreation Area, Hampton Township, and Portsmouth Township)
  • Bay City State Recreation Area (additional unpaved trails)
  • Fraser Township Rail Trail

Midland County

  • Pere Marquette Rail Trail (30 miles from Midland to Coleman, with a loop around Chippewa Nature Center)
  • Chippewa Nature Center Trail
  • City Loop Trail

Saginaw County

  • Saginaw Valley Rail Trail (11 miles from St. Charles to Saginaw Township's Center Road Bridge Path)
  • Saginaw Township George Olson Pathway
  • City of Saginaw Riverwalk
  • Kochville Township Multi-use Path
  • Zilwaukee Pathway 

Our Progress To-Date

  • Acquired Rail Line property from Saginaw to Bay City
  • Worked with Bay County Road Commission on Paved Shoulders
  • Developed Path from Kochville Township to Saginaw Township Pedestrian Pathway
  • Retrofit two bridges in Frankenlust Township
  • Worked on grant funding with Tittabawassee Township
  • Completed Saginaw County portion of the Bay to Zilwaukee Trail Link
  • Developed a Path between the two retrofitted Bridges
  • Worked on grants with Midland Township to extend their trail south
  • Paved a trail link along Stroebel Road in James Township, connecting the Saginaw Valley RailTrail with the Center Road Bridge in Saginaw Township
  • Connected  the Saginaw Township Pedestrian Pathway Network to the Saginaw Valley RailTrail that extends to St. Charles
  • Linked trail from Thomas Township library to the Saginaw Valley RailTrail

Our Plans For The Future

  • Complete Bay County sections of the Bay to Zilwaukee Trail link
  • Support Tittabawassee Township's effort to construct a trail that would be a start to our Saginaw-to-Midland connection
  • Continue to work on a route to connect Bay County and Midland County trails
  • Work with Thomas Township to develop their trail north of the Thomas Township Hall
  • Seek funding for a bridge to the Middleground in Bay City
  • Work with Kochville Township on trail connections both east and west and on our Kochville Road connector
  • Work with Carrollton on a connection (potentially part of the Iron Belle Trail System)
  • Work with Midland and Ingersoll Townships on bringing their trails south and east


Without the support of our Great Lakes Bay Trailblazers, none of this progress would be possible.  Please consider making a donation or getting involved to help us pave the path toward the future of our Great Lakes Bay Trails!