Meet Lori P.

Meet Our Team - Lori 

Meet Lori (Page).
Operations Manager
Go Great Lakes Bay

Without her, we might not always have our heads on straight. After all, Lori Page is the one reason we don't show up to a Thursday meeting on a Tuesday, wearing mismatched socks. She's organized, thoughtful, meticulous, and calm. She handles everything from stocking our office supplies to coordinating our schedules, and even carefully transcribes those pesky 20-page-long minutes from marathon Board Meetings. Most of all, she handles it all with grace, professionalism, and a whole lot of kindness. To put it simply, Lori Page is the oil to our well-oiled machine. She manages to do her job thoroughly and efficiently, while making all of our jobs more seamless and streamlined in the process. She supports our travel trailblazing CEO (not to mention our entire team!) in countless and immeasurable ways. Oh, and we think we'd like to keep her awhile.

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