Meet Lindsay

 Meet Our Team - Lindsay

Meet Lindsay.
Creative Director
Go Great Lakes Bay

You know those "creative types." They're great at capturing the perfect magazine cover shot or designing a gorgeous ad, but you can't trust them with deadlines or direction as far as you can throw them, right? Wrong! That's where Lindsay breaks the mold. She combines the creative vision of a free, artistic spirit with the accountability of a financial analyst. We don't know how she does it, but we wouldn't trade it for the world! Best of all, Lindsay understands the tourism industry from having worked alongside our Go Great Team for over 4 years, and she's great at developing her creative vision for the brand while making other team members feel valued throughout the entire creative process. Another reason Lindsay is our very own unicorn? She's just as great at handling tech-savvy systems like our Simpleview CRM & CMS as she is at crafting an eye-catching Travel Guide cover!

Say hello to Lindsay:

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