Meet Annie

Meet Our Team - Annie  

Meet Annie.
CEO + Travel Trailblazer
Go Great Lakes Bay

She's a fresh, fearless leader who's not afraid to step a little further outside the box than most. That's why we call her our Travel Trailblazer. She's equal parts destination developer, industry advocate, visionary leader, and international ambassador... and best of all, she's ours! (Did we mention she's the only Destination Marketing & Management Organization CEO in the nation with a Ph.D. in Travel and Tourism?) Best of all, Annie knows how to lead by example. How to inspire a team of talented professionals to dig deeper into their passions for tourism, and to bring those passions to light in bigger and more beautiful ways. She proudly serves our industry through organizations like Destination Marketing Association International and the U.S. Travel Association, and just as proudly serves the communities that come together to form our incredible regional destination.

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