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Meet Herb.
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Herb is like the big brother we never asked for... but couldn't live without. He's our resident organizer, housekeeper, planner, and master gardener, but he's so much more than that. With over 20+ years of hospitality experience, Herb understands the group tour market like no one in the business. He's passionate about our group-friendly tourism product, and he's a natural, charismatic host with a rare, innate sense of what hospitality truly means. That's probably why our Go Great Tours have such unforgettable experiences here, and why they leave bursting with information and ready to plan their return trip. Best of all, Herb's great attention to detail (and we mean great!) not only makes him the best at coordinating every last minute of a Go Great Tour like clockwork, but makes him an invaluable asset to our team for event planning, copy editing, and more!

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