Eclipse: The Sun Revealed

100 Center Avenue
Bay City, MI 48708
  • Grades 4 to adult

    The Great American Eclipse is coming in August, 2017… and with it comes a brand new show about eclipses. Don’t miss sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience! This all-new fulldome production features exciting visuals that explore:

    the historical and cultural views of eclipses illustrated in culturally inspired styles

    the geometry that gives us lunar, partial, annular, and (of course) total solar eclipses

    a visualization of what can be seen from within the shadow of a total solar eclipse

    scientific discoveries generated or supported by total solar eclipses

    how to safely view an eclipse

    a first-hand account of one person’s experience during a total solar eclipse

    Plus, changing modules that will show the 2017 path, 2024 path, and a generic version that will play past August 21, 2017.