April 28th
Autism Celebration Luncheon


A low sensory event for those with Autism or other sensory issues who want to experience a fun and inclusive luncheon with family and friends! This event is for autistic individuals, families, and advocates of all ages.
Sensory Friendly Environment – dimmed lights | no music | sensory break space
Streamlined Dining Experience – delicious buffet with non-alcoholic beverages
– Social Story & Visual Maps
– Spacious seating
– Fidget Toys at each table
– Interactive & Calming sensory activities to enjoy after meal
– Bavarian Inn Frankenmuth Chicken
– Carved Ham
– Chicken Nuggets
– Malibu Blend Vegetables
– Buttered Corn
– Whipped Potatoes
– Chicken Gravy
– Macaroni & Cheese
– Garlic Breadsticks
– Cheese/Pepperoni/Chef’s Choice Pizza
– Apple Strudel
– Coffee, Tea, & Pop

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