March 27th
Belly Dance for Fitness

There are future dates for this event.


About the event

Looking for a fun and unique way to get some exercise? Look no further, belly dance for fitness is here for you! Tie on a coin belt and shimmy your way into a new routine! No experience necessary. This class is for all fitness levels and coin belts are provided during class. Please wear comfortable workout clothing that allows full mobility.
6 Weekly Wednesday Evening Sessions beginning March 13th
Ages 18+
$50 if paid in full online (a $10 savings!)
$10 per drop-in session (paid at the door)
About the Instructor:
Cyn’s dance experience started in jazz and ballet. They saw their first belly dancer at age 12 and were completely mesmerised. A lot of life happened before they were finally able to take their first belly dance class, and from that point on they were hooked.
Cyn’s training consists of early-on live class sessions in Egyptian, Turkish, and American Tribal style belly dance, further on-line instruction of Tribal and Fusion styles, as well as a full course taught by Sohaila Zyba of Sohaila International at Palomar College in San Diego, CA. Cyn also has experience in teaching their own classes in tribal and fusion styles, live performance, yoga and body mechanics.

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