August 13th
Chair Yoga

There are future dates for this event.


Chair Yoga brings the best of a yoga practice to those who require or prefer the support of a chair. Using the chair for support, this class is focused on developing and maintaining mobility in small and large muscle groups, stretching, balancing [beside or behind the chair] and strength building for both body, breath, and mind. Students will explore versions of twists, hip stretches, forward bends and mild backbends. Chair yoga classes help maintain mobility, improve flexibility, cultivate mindfulness and increase body awareness. Chair yoga is especially suitable for older adults, people with balance or coordination issues, and those with disabilities.

Upcoming Dates For This Event

  • Friday, September 24
  • Friday, October 1
  • Friday, October 8
  • Friday, October 15
  • Friday, October 22
  • Friday, October 29
  • Friday, November 5
  • Friday, November 12
  • Friday, November 19
  • Friday, November 26
  • Friday, December 3
  • Friday, December 10
  • Friday, December 17