Go Great
July 1st
Midland Man Scouts

There are future dates for this event and it is currently underway.



Come be a part of the inaugural Midland Man Scouts!
Make friends · Make enemies · Earn badges!

WHAT: Men developing camaraderie and a social network through participation in a variety of tasks/challenges/competitions to earn badges.

HOW: We will meet up to chat and pick tasks, challenges, competitions to complete. For instance, we might task each member to write one sentence about their life each day for fourteen days. At the next session, members share what they completed. We might challenge everyone to pick one health related behavior and do that for two weeks, reporting back to the group. The competition will obviously be arm wrestling. Group members will be encouraged to plan and participate in mutually beneficial outings.

Let’s show this loneliness epidemic who is boss!

With Eric Beasley, Ph.D., Sociology Michigan State University. Eric has been a professor for many years and likes improv, yoga, comedy, basketball, and guitar, along with whatever you're interested in! Send any questions, suggestions, one-liners, etc. to Eric at beasle23@msu.edu.
Every other Monday, 7:00 – 8:30 PM / $8.00 each day, please let us know you are coming!
June 17, July 1, July 15, July 29, August 12, August 26

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Upcoming Dates For This Event

  • Monday, July 15 to Monday, September 9
  • Monday, July 29 to Monday, September 23
  • Monday, August 12 to Monday, October 7
  • Monday, August 26 to Monday, October 21