August 6th
Music from the Marsh

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Come hear live music from Michigan's many local musical traditions, both old and new! Rain (indoors) or shine (outdoors), look for the outdoor stage near the Visitor Center in this gorgeous natural setting.

Bring a lawn chair.

August 6, 2022 -"Michigan Country Life"

August 13, 2022- Dulcimer Days "A Taste of Michigan Folk Music"

August 20, 2022 -Zig Zeitler and Friends "Michigan, the Blue State"

August 27, 2022 -Eden Kelly "Songs & Sounds Michigan Inspired"

September 3, 2022 Doug E Rees "Backwoods Music and Songs"

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Upcoming Dates For This Event

  • Saturday, August 20
  • Saturday, August 27
  • Saturday, September 3