May 10th
Plant It Well Even If the Roots Are Wrong - VIRTUAL


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Professional gardeners-writers Janet Macunovich and Steven Nikkila describe their ‘crusade’ as “a must-see for anyone who plants trees and shrubs or has planted in the last ten years. We're in the midst of a perfect storm of production practices and economic realities that have made it likely that the plant we buy will not have a good root system”. Here is a helpful look at how this situation came about, the research attention it's getting, what you can expect to see, the fixes that Janet and Steve learned, and the results they are seeing. Steve and Janet operate their business with over 40 years of experience growing plants, installing landscapes for commercial and residential customers, creating over 50 webinars to educate the public, and appearing at garden festivals. They maintain a garden at the Detroit Zoo and live in SW Michigan.