March 11th
Renew! Sheri Moore - Contemporary Acrylic - Abstract Art

There are future dates for this event.


Renew! Sheri Moore: Contemporary Acrylic - Abstract Art features a collection of acrylic and collage works by local artist Sheri Moore. Sheri began painting in 2013 when she made the leap to follow her passion and begin her own art career. She is especially fond of unique art forms, and along with acrylic, has introduced more industrial products like plaster compound and modeling paste, with cardboard and acrylic skins, to her contemporary paintings and collage work. She likes working in acrylic because of its fast dry time, ability to correct and recover, achieving the desired results quickly.

Upcoming Dates For This Event

  • Thursday, April 22
  • Friday, April 23
  • Monday, April 26
  • Tuesday, April 27
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