February 17th
Still Emmet Till


In the summer of 1955, a black Chicago teenager named Emmett Louis Till traveled to the small southern town of Money, Mississippi for what was to be a two week summer vacation. The events that ensued as a result would become the catalyst for the modern day civil and human rights movement.

Before there was a Martin Luther King, or a Rosa Parks, or a Malcolm X....There was Emmett Till.

The most provocatively, entertaining and important theatrical production to ever hit the Bay region.

"Still Emmett Till" is an original production with original script written and directed by B. Wendell Parker. It is the true story of a black from Chicago, IL who in the summer of 1955 accompanies his great uncle Moses and his first cousin Wheeler Parker Jr. on what was to be a two-week vacation. A vacation that would end in tragedy. This stage play examines the circumstances, bigotry, hate and the deplorable racism that would lead to an unthinkable and catastrophic conclusion. More importantly this stage play illustrates how some of those attitudes and actions unfortunately and sadly still exist in our society today.

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