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August 1st

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An Exhibition of the Art of Kerri Griggs, Kristianne Tefft,and Marilyn Whitworth Soules

CERAMICIST Kerri Griggs (KATT) has a love for both practical pottery and more playful ceramic sculptures. Her work often walks the line between both of these loves leading her to create whimsical yet functional designs. KATT garners her inspiration from both natural and man-made beauty. A love of the outdoors works in tandem with her fondness for antiques and has led her to incorporate retro objects and natural designs into her imaginative pieces.
ENCAUSTIC artist Kristianne Tefft finds inspiration in the challenge of taking an ordinary subject and making it into something abstract using traditional and experimental techniques, pushing the boundaries of her chosen medium. By blending her own photography or collage-based materials with paints, pigments, and encaustic wax, she creates something straight out of her imagination.
PHOTOGRAPHER Marilyn Whitworth Soules has been recording the world she sees by looking for the picture within a scene, or a perspective from a different angle; capturing that abstraction of an ordinary image and transforming it into extraordinary art. Venturing out through travel, experiencing other cultures, visiting museums, and attending workshops in various mediums, all provide stimulus for her photographic endeavors.
On exhibit through 9/8.
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 1 / 7:00 – 8:30 pm / No Charge
Admission to all of our gallery exhibits is free and we are grateful for your donations that allow us to continue this policy. Call for weekend and evening hours.

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