May 4th
The Armed Man - A Mass for Peace


A tribute to the victims of the Kosovo Conflict of 1998-99, Karl Jenkins' composition "The Armed Man" draws inspiration from the 15th-century French melody, "L'homme armé". This powerful musical piece combines elements of the traditional Mass text with secular text to convey a poignant narrative of the descent into war and its devastating aftermath.
"The Armed Man" depicts the mounting threat of war while incorporating moments of introspection. It vividly portrays the horrors inflicted by war and concludes with a glimmer of hope for peace in the new millennium, envisioning a world where sorrow, pain, and death can be overcome.
A quarter-century later, this remarkable choral work retains its significance in today's global political climate. It culminates with the uplifting declaration that "peace is preferable to perpetual warfare."

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