Go Great
January 19th
Vinyasa Flow + Restorative Yoga

There are future dates for this event.


Our practice should be equal parts resistance and rest, and in this class that will be exactly what we offer you: equal parts effort and equal parts ease for the ultimate balance for our body, our mind, and spirit. Vinyasa Flow syncs the breath and body together through movement, intention, and flow. We will center, ground, and expand outward with the effort of your choosing bringing and bridging us towards our ease. Restorative Yoga gives us a sacred and safe place to rest, reflect, receive comfort, and cultivate the courage to gently allow and let go. All are always welcome no matter your experience. Please do let us know how we can best be of support to you.

Upcoming Dates For This Event

  • Wednesday, May 18
  • Wednesday, May 25
  • Wednesday, June 1