Go Great, Go Safely

Our Tourism Partner & Traveler Pledge

As COVID-19 restrictions in Michigan are eased and the Great Lakes Bay Region continues to slowly reopen — protecting all who live, work, and visit here is our top priority.

But how can you easily and effectively share your commitment to keeping guests safe? And how can you ask those same guests to honor the current public health recommendations while they're here? We can help!

The Go Great, Go Safely Pledge is a new tool for our tourism partners, designed to help you share with guests what you'll be doing to welcome them safely — at the same time, protecting the people who call our region home.



Join Us in the Go Great, Go Safely Pledge!


Taking the Go Great, Go Safely Pledge is your promise to reopen responsibly by following these six simple guidelines — protecting our local communities and enhancing traveler confidence in the process:


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When you take the Pledge, you’ll gain instant access to our entire Go Great, Go Safely Pledge Toolkit — full of ready-to-use assets for print, web, and social media — so you can effortlessly share your dedication to keeping guests and locals safe.

We’ll even add a special Pledge Partner badge to your GoGreat.com listing so visitors know the extra precautions you're taking to protect them.



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