Take the Go Great, Go Safely Partner Pledge

The Go Great, Go Safely Pledge is a heartfelt reminder: we're all in this together. Beyond that, it's a simple, yet confident step toward reassuring locals and visitors we're doing everything possible to protect them as they get back to doing the things they love.

United by the Pledge, we can protect our local communities, foster traveler confidence, and inspire visitors to keep dreaming of — and planning for — their future trips.



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In three simple steps,
you can join us in the
Go Great, Go Safely Pledge:



Step 1: Take the Pledge

When you take the Pledge below, you’ll gain instant access to an entire Pledge Toolkit — full of ready-to-use assets for print, web, and social media — designed so you can easily share what you're doing to keep guests safe. We'll even hand-deliver a professionally printed Pledge Toolkit to your business, complete with posters and table tents you can proudly display to enhance your safety messaging.


Step 2: Share the Pledge

Display the poster at the main entrance to your business, use the table tents at your customer service or concierge area, highlight the badge on your website, share the social media post, and customize the press release template to create your own announcement.


Step 3: Live the Pledge

Ensure your employees follow the Pledge, encouraging guests to do the same. Promote your dedication to guest safety via social media and customer newsletters, and include it in your advertising. We’ll even add a special Pledge Partner badge to your GoGreat.com listing so potential visitors know the added steps you're taking to protect them.



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