February 26th
Monday Matinee: Delta College Public Media History Productions

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Join us on Mondays at 1 PM in the Robert & Ann Hachtel Theater at the Museum for the following PBS Delta College Media historical documentation:

WHEN: February 26 at 1 PM: Settling In: Immigrants & Cultures That Built Mid-Michigan
Many diverse ethnic groups were drawn to the Great Lakes Bay Region as developing frontiers in Michigan paved the way for agricultural and industrial growth. As each wave of immigrant settlement explored new work opportunities, faced labor challenges, and developed neighborhoods, towns and cities, they brought their own unique cultural perspectives and traditions to the Wolverine State.

Examine how different ancestral groups shaped Mid-Michigan and explore how their local communities survived and thrived amidst the challenges of starting a new life in a strange and unfamiliar land. These ethnic communities sought religious freedoms, impacted the state’s economy, influenced labor laws, and contributed to Michigan’s history and identity.

WHEN: March 4 at 1 PM: Sailing Into the Past: Travels Aboard El Galeón & The Tall Ship Celebration
Sailing Into the Past follows El Galeón Andalucia, a replica of a 16th century Spanish galleon, as it sails through the Great Lakes to the 2016 Tall Ship Celebration in Bay City. We speak with crew members on the ship and take a behind-the-scenes look at the Tall Ship Celebration.

WHEN: March 11 at 1 PM: Vietnam Voices: Mid-Michigan Remembers the Vietnam War
Delta College Public Media brings together 32 local voices to tell their stories and reflect on the volatile Vietnam War era. Veterans, anti-war protesters, family members, and more tell their personal stories of this controversial time in American history. Veterans share their experiences from the war and we explore the anti-war movement, the impact of television news coverage of the war, PTSD, and more from this pivotal point in American history.

WHEN: March 18 at 1 PM: Ag 2.0: Agriculture - Changes, Challenges & Trends
Food and agriculture account for 17 percent of Michigan's workforce. In Delta College Public Media's newest local documentary, you will hear from people working on the forefront of agriculture in Mid-Michigan and the Thumb. See how they confront obstacles and seize opportunities in this ever-changing industry.

Ag 2.0 highlights Michigan's emerging hemp market, the growing demand for organic foods, the state's role as a producer of beans, and the burgeoning trend of agritourism.

WHEN: March 25 at 1 PM: Sawdust & Shanty Boys
They worked hard and played hard. These hardy men became folk heroes cutting their way through the Michigan woods and fighting their way through the saloons, gambling halls, and sin parlors of the local lumber towns. During the late 1800s, 27,000 men and boys worked in Michigan’s lumber camps and sawmills.

Towering white pine brought settlers to the area, but no one could have predicted the impact that the lumber industry would have on the nation, the state, and especially the Saginaw Valley. Never again will there be a time as wild and unrestrained as when sawdust flew and lumber barons and their shanty boys reigned in the Saginaw Valley.

Admission: FREE

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