Plan an Event in the Great Lakes Bay

An inviting six-city region with more than 5,000 hotel rooms, the Great Lakes Bay is a planner’s Midwest dream. It’s simple to access from I-75, just a 90-minute drive up from Detroit, and no sweat to navigate once you’re here. Pair that with walkable, waterfront downtowns, comfortable stays, and a fleet of iconic experiences — and you’ll be looking forward to next time before this one’s wrapped!

Get in touch with our planning experts and start tossing a few ideas around — so we can make your next meeting, sports event, group tour, wedding, or family reunion something magical.

Cost-Savvy Meetings, Rich in Experiences

This inviting, six-city region affords a whole host of hotels and meeting venues that are kind-as-can-be on budget — and the kind of unforgettable downtime experiences that make a meeting destination feel rare.

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Your Spot, Whatever Your Sport

With fishing tourneys bringing bass boats onto Saginaw Bay by the hundreds and an LPGA invitational with global appeal — the Great Lakes Bay’s no stranger to a shiny trophy. And conveniently pitched just 90 minutes north of Detroit? It’s an ideal Midwest spot to come together for some healthy competition.

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Six-City Variety That's a Breeze to Get To

This six-city region is built like a tour operator’s dream — and one you can traverse from end-to-end in all of under an hour. That’s important stuff when you’re trying to pack the punch of an entire dream vacation into a few short days’ itinerary.

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Discover One-of-a-Kind Downtime Experiences
#GoGreat in the Great Lakes Bay