Matter & Energy, Works by Phillip Hanson

1126 North Michigan Avenue
Saginaw, MI 48602
  • Matter and Energy is a show for the modern era. A mixed media show that utilizes it’s digital and pigmented surroundings. Current society lives in a digital world of screens constructed from the binary code of 1’s and 0’s. Over a century ago, the Impressionists broke with literal figures to show how light truly looked in real environments. They did this by rearranging the formal elements in composition and applying them differently. Phillip Hanson’s work is a reflection of modernity, influenced by the last century of art. A new movement that pays homage to the history of art. Matter and Energy achieves this by incorporating the past and simultaneously breaking from it. Although these pieces appear far from the works of artists of previous eras, the colors and patterns are part of history; art history and the history of people.