Gift of Hope Boutique

Gift of Hope Boutique

135 Ashman
Midland, MI 48640
  • Gift of Hope is a part of Haiti Foundation Against Poverty. HFAP’s mission is to restore families, empower Haitians to rise above poverty, and spread the message of the Gospel. This is done through education, job creation, infant nutrition support, and medical care. Gift of Hope is more than fair trade. It's more than employment. At its roots, Gift of Hope is designed as a holistic approach to break the cycle of poverty. Lives are not only being changed because of income, but also through discipleship, education, and the investment of relationships. Many of the unique, beautiful, and professionally made items our mothers are making are available for purchase here on this website. There is a direct correlation between the amount of products sold and the number of children who are spared living life as a poverty orphan. Your purchases allow us to hire and train more mothers, allowing them to keep their families together. Gift of Hope is eliminating poverty orphans one employment opportunity at a time.

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