First-timer here or frequent traveler, it’s a tall order squeezing this six-city variety into one trip. So, when you’ve got big plans and plenty of wanderlust, but with only so many hours to pin down what you'll spend your time here exploring — dive in. We think you'll find a few good reads.

From Bay City to Little Bavaria

Whether you'll spend a whole weekend exploring Frankenmuth — or a full day lounging on freshwater beachfront in Bay City — these top things to do by city make planning a breeze.

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From Spring Blooms to Fall Color

Whether you'll visit when our trails are lined with blooms or covered in a lush canopy of fall color — these bucket lists lay each season's best at your feet.

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The German word for welcome, willkommen is the all-around attitude of this iconic place where more than 3 million people visit annually. Think dirndls & lederhosen, German beer and schnitzel, and your memorable weekend spent in a one-of-a-kind location known only as “Little Bavaria”!

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