Who doesn't daydream about getting away, taking a break and leaving behind the stress of work and responsibilities for a bit? Strolling leisurely with friends instead of rushing, enjoying scenic views and sharing in laughter — oh, yes, a daydream, but too good to be true.

Actually, all of the above is truly available, and can be enjoyed right here in Michigan! Just ask the thousands of scrapbooking and quilting enthusiasts who've traveled to the charming Village of Chesaning to take part in Creative Passions Crop and Quilt Retreats.

Now with four locations — its Creative Passions Retreat Center arrived on the scene in 2017 and welcomed more than 600 people to its open house — Creative Passions' getaways are available inside an historic house, two transformed olden churches, and now a former-inn-turned-retreat-center, all in picturesque Chesaning.   


Reservations to Remember 

"Retreats are like deer camp for women, with girlfriends sitting around together, sharing stories and maybe cocktails, and spending time doing what they love to do," says Laura Greenfelder, owner of Creative Passions Crop and Quilt Retreats. While the four Creative Passions Crop and Quilt Retreat locations throughout Chesaning are aesthetically different, each offer a similar experience that around 3,000 guests return year-after-year to enjoy:

  • Getaways are Monday - Thursday or Friday - Sunday
  • Cost includes accommodations and continental breakfast each morning; local Riverfront Grille is available for on-site catering (or guests can cook in on-site kitchens and/or sample from Chesaning's infamous Showboat Restaurant or The Malt Shop)
  • With the addition of the new Creative Passions Retreat Center, Teaching Retreats are now available
  • Services from on-staff masseuse and pedicurist may be added to any retreat
  • Once booked, guests are granted the same date availability every year thereafter and/or first dibs at any open dates

"Our reservation system is pretty unique," Greenfelder says. "Guests may opt out of the date, or change it, but most don't. Many of our guests have been coming for 12 years, since we've been open. We share stories... I've been able to watch their families grow up and they've watched mine. It's special."

Heads up: Due to popularity, retreats do book quickly and rather far in advance. Make sure to check here for open availability!


Select Your Scene(s) 

The new kid on the block, meet Creative Passions Crop and Quilt Retreat Center. It's hard to miss, with its large and inviting wrap-around porch lined with rocking-chairs and bright purple door that has already been opened by more than 1,000 guests taking tours and readying getaways.

With room for 52 guests, a work area for 24 guests and another for 16 guests, three separate four-person suites, a spacious kitchen (with three stoves) and dining area, the Creative Passions Retreat Center is the epitome of "retreat" and hosts:

  • Trunk shows
  • Quilting and scrapbooking speaker presentations
  • Select dates for Scrapbooking and Quilting Teaching Retreats
  • Unforgettable getaways and a powerhouse team


The First(s) of Its Kind 

Opened in 2012, CP2 (Creative Passions 2), or the second Creative Passions Crop and Quilt Retreat in existence, is located in the first church built in Chesaning, circa 1868! Renovated and fully-updated, but with original character salvaged, the building includes an array of workspaces, bedrooms — and CP2B, a separate work and retreat building out back with its own list of amenities that accommodates up to five ladies!

Opened in 2005, the very first Creative Passions Crop and Quilt Retreat (referred to as CP1) is located in a 125-year-old church. Fully renovated to include modern-day amenities, including TVs and DVD players as well as an outdoor patio with a gas grill and gas fire pit, the building still has its original stained glass windows and historic charm.


Time Travel 

Last but not least, as CP3 (Creative Passions 3) opened in 2015 as the third location, CP3 is an historic home (steeped in local history) that perfectly combines olden-day charm with modern-day décor and amenities. The home also includes — oh yes, there's even more — CP3B, a separate area in the lower level that accommodates up to four guests in private luxury.

"Each location is kind of the same, and uniquely different, but every single person who walks through our doors is happy to be here, happy to be getting away, and just excited," says Greenfelder.